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02 Oct

4 Reasons Why Grilling Is Better Than Frying

Which is better? Grilled food or fried food? While it is very difficult to determine the answer based on the taste (both fried and grilled food tastes great), grilling has an edge over frying because of the health benefits that it offers. Here are the health-related reasons why grilling is better than frying: • Foods absorb a lot of fat when fried – This is true even with low-fat foods. Eating a lot of fried foods can cause weight gain fast. Fried foods also prevent smooth blood flow because the fats that they contain clog the arteries. • Foods retain more vitamins when grilled – It does not matter if you are grilling meat or vegetable. They will be able to retain most of their vitamins when they are grilled. Riboflavin and thiamine are important vitamins which could be found in meat and they are retained if the meat is grilled instead of fried. • Grilled foods contain less fat – When food is grilled, the fats get extracted out of the meat. They simply get burned in the grilling pit. If you do not want to consume a lot of fat, it is very recommendable to go for frilled foods. • Grilling helps make the meat tender – Everybody likes tender meat. You can achieve a high level of tenderness by grilling your meat.
by Fire it up BBQ catering
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