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13 Feb

BBQ Ideas To Make Your Next Summer Unforgettable!

When summer is here in a couple of months, you will easily see that everyone is firing up the grills and getting ready for an unforgettable summer. BBQs are a great way for families and friends to bond and have some fun. Here are some great BBQ ideas you can use to pull off that smashing BBQ.

Bring your own bottle

It is hard to buy drinks to suit every taste bud. The easiest way to solve this problem is to ask your guests to bring their own drink, and you also get to save some money in the process! Do It Yourself (DIY) ways to make fun cocktails are available online and you can have fun naming them too. Your guests will love sipping on the cold and exotic cocktails while soaking up some sun in your backyard and enjoying the BBQ.

Party music

What is a BBQ without great music? Turn up the music, or better yet, hire a DJ for a few hours to spice up the air. If you feel a bit more adventurous, hire a musician or a band to add some punch to the party. Music adds more excitement to the party, and your guests can dance away to the music. Not many BBQs will have this wow factor, so your party will be an exciting affair that your friends will not want to miss next summer. 

Go over the music the DJ will play so that he does not end up playing music no one wants to listen to. If your guests are mainly from one age group, they would probably enjoy the same music, but it would be nice to ask the guests if they are a small number. Call them while inviting them and inquire on their preferences. That way you can have a mix of all music so that there is something for everyone.

Play games

Summer brings out the little child in all of us. Everyone gets excited about summer, and a BBQ that incorporates games will be a hit with your guests. Play all the childhood games you can think of, musical chairs, or hire giant games like twister or archery. These games will leave everyone all thirsty and hungry, ready to feast on the BBQ. If there are kids, look for age appropriate games and either separate them from the adults, or play games that are child friendly. You can hire a bouncing castle, a clown or a magician to keep the children entertained.

Hire professionals

In many Canadian cities, barbeque catering is just a phone call away. To avoid getting overly stressed and tired on your party day, just hire professionals to take the load off your back. Send out invites two weeks prior to the party so that before you hire the BBQ catering company, you are aware of the exact number of people you are hosting. This helps the company work out the logistics and the pricing based on each person.

Themed BBQs

Themed BBQs are lots of fun! You can come up with a theme for practically anything you desire. You can have your BBQ theme Caribbean, Italian, Greek, Africa or any theme you wish, the options are endless. You can even decide to ask your guests to dress according to the theme to make it more fun. It would be so much fun to eat a Caribbean BBQ while dressed like an Islander, and dance to Caribbean music! 

Enjoy summer in style and have BBQ parties like no other. Since everyone is hosting them, the trick for a great turn out is having unique BBQ parties every summer. Making your own cocktails and naming them is a good idea that will be welcomed by your guests. Hiring a DJ or a musician to belt out some tunes is also a great way to keep guests entertained. Remember to hire professionals to do the BBQ while you sit back and enjoy the party. To make it more exciting, have a themed BBQ, and the most important thing is to have fun through it all!

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