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23 Nov

Creative BBQ Decorations Make Summer Parties Unforgettable!

Summer is usually the time for parties and family get-togethers. You can definitely make your summer BBQ party stand out from the rest by using unique and creative decorations. Although it is very obvious that people pay attention to the kind of food you serve at your party, decorations can lighten up the atmosphere, enhance your party space and cheer people up. With these simple party decoration ideas, you can make the cookout celebration one of a kind and unforgettable.

BBQ theme color

You can work with a number of options when you want to find the right theme color for your BBQ party. You can borrow ideas from friends and family or just check out the decoration colors used by catering companies in summer parties. To make decoration easier, you need to select two theme colors that can work on either a party theme or classic BBQ event. If you already have a designated party theme, you may have to find colors that reflect the theme.

Finding tables and seats

The table setting is an essential part of BBQ decorations and as such, you have to make the right choice. The party usually revolves around food, which is served at the table. First, you need to know the number of guests that you are anticipating in the party so you can figure out how many tables will be needed for the BBQ party. Secondly, you should decide on the type of tables that you are going to use. Whenever you are looking for tables, always ensure pick the ones with bright colors. Dull colors can make the atmosphere gloomy. To set up your tables perfectly, ensure that all the napkins, plates, cups and cutlery match with a complementing color. You can complete the look of each table by putting on it summer items.


After setting up the tables nicely, you need to create appealing centerpieces for each one. You can also have other centerpieces placed around the party space. Flower bouquets that have been put together nicely in rustic vases add an aesthetic touch to your party. Grilling accessories such as tongs, spatula and marinade brushes come in handy when you want to accent the bouquets. Accenting your centerpieces will definitely add a whimsical touch to your centerpieces making them easily noticeable.

Stylish lighting

Lighting is the perfect solution for creating ambience in your outdoor BBQ party. Therefore, you should find stylish lighting that fits the party theme. Fairy lights, tiki torches, candles and paper lanterns are some of the popular lighting options that are used by companies for BBQ catering in Richmond Hill. You can borrow their ideas and work with an affordable option to complete the decorations for your BBQ party. Additionally, you can customize your BBQ party by incorporating the party theme in the decorations. For instance, if the BBQ is going to be on the beach, you may require beach chairs and beach balls to bring out the beach theme.

Decoration may be quite a task for your summer BBQ party. However, you will clearly see the outcome on the day of the party. With the right decorations in place, you need to focus on the kind of food that you will serve your guests. Therefore, do not miss out on serving great food at your party. You can still hire culinary services for the best dishes and BBQ treats. As long as you are working on a good budget, there is nothing that can stop your BBQ party from being great. When you throw a one of a kind BBQ party, your friends will not have trouble getting ideas when they want to throw a summer BBQ party the next time.

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