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11 Nov

Great BBQ Starts With Good Charcoal Preparation

Grilling is all about heat distribution. Heat distribution is an essential factor that you must consider when doing BBQ. If you are not keen on heat distribution in the grill, you may end up with grilled food that is either overcooked on one side or under-cooked on another side. Essentially, it boils down to charcoal preparation and how you control heat after lighting up the charcoal. When you prepare the charcoal properly, the last thing that you may have to worry about is overcooked or undercooked food. Here are simple tips that will help you with charcoal preparation for a great BBQ.

Use quality charcoal

When choosing BBQ charcoal, you should select the best option. The quality of charcoal affects the outcome of your cooked food. For instance, choosing briquette charcoal may not be ideally great because they contain numerous additives that make them burn at a constant rate. Moreover, the additives easily transform into gas odors, which find their way to the grill food easily. Therefore, you need to find the right charcoal. Many BBQ enthusiasts prefer using lamp charcoal because it is great. They use it because it leaves a little mess behind when burnt unlike other types of charcoal. Their degree of response to oxygen makes them burn effectively with a good fire control rate.

Making a charcoal starter

After finding great charcoal, you can make a charcoal starter using old newspapers. Creating a charcoal starter makes it possible to control the organization of items on the grill. Creating a charcoal starter usually involves making a cylinder out of a newspaper. This is simply done by wrapping a newspaper around an empty bottle and pulling the bottle out when you are done. Once you have your cylinder paper, light it up and put coals around it. Sometimes people use fluids (that may have pollutants) to light up charcoal. However, using a cylinder is a safe and environmentally friendly procedure that creates hot air center for the charcoal without releasing pollutants. Therefore, you do not have to use polluting fluids.

Burning charcoal

Once you have lit up the charcoal, you need to give it enough time to burn. Allowing it to burn to ashen gray color makes it suitable for grilling. As the charcoals burn and evenly turn to ashen gray, you need to let the flames die down to prevent any burn-off chemical that from impacting the flavor of grilled food.

Grilling food

Charcoal preparation entails finding the right charcoal, making a charcoal starter and allowing charcoal to burn to a desirable level. The rest involves placing steaks or any other food on the grill and cooking to desired and preferable doneness. There are a number of BBQ recipes that you can try at home such as Brazilian stake salad, toffee pudding, sticky chicken wing and beer-can chicken among others. When trying out a new recipe, take your time to read all the instructions before working on the ingredients. When you have a full idea about a certain recipe, you may improvise a little depending on your culinary experience.

For great BBQ parties and other services, you can always count on BBQ catering in Toronto. Although you can try out your own BBQ at home, professionalism has a way of leaving an impression on people especially if you are hosting a party or any other important event. Furthermore, you can borrow a leaf or two from BBQ catering services by watching how they prepare their food and serve it. Once you have prepared your BBQ food, you should find a perfect complement for it. Hiring catering services will give you more ideas on serving BBQ foods and make your event a great experience.

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