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13 Feb

How To Plan A Fun BBQ Cookout For Seniors

Planning a BBQ for seniors can be a stressful event because they may be harder to please, unlike the young children. Seniors are set in their ways, and most are likely to be having certain restrictions and have to watch what they eat. If you are holding a senior’s only BBQ, then it is easier as you will only need to think of one set of people, but if it is an eclectic mix, you have to consider the elderly. Here are a few tips on how to safely achieve this feat.

Cut the spice and chili

If everyone loves chili and spices, remember the seniors cannot handle chili. Some may, but most can’t, and it is only wise to just cut it out of the food altogether. Principally, this may also depend on the type of diet one has been used to all their life, and whether or not they are active physically. The best way would be to give different options and set them out on the table for everyone to choose what suits them most. Older people tend to complain of dry mouths, so make sure the salad dressings include low fat mayonnaise that is a favorite with the seniors.

Leave out the fat

Seniors tend to have high cholesterol and they are advised to keep of fatty foods. With the exception of pork, BBQ foods are healthier, and have little or no fat. The best idea would be to have more fruits and salads whish are high in fiber, and vegetable kabobs. Do not offer the seniors alcohol as it seriously dehydrates them. Instead, offer water, freshly squeezed juice or lemonade.

Offer them comfort foods

You have to be very considerate while dealing with the elderly. Some of them may have denture problems and cannot chew on hard foods. Serve something simple like macaroni for those who struggle with chewing, and do not be offended or surprised when they eat very little and pick at their food. Some chew very slowly and end up eating very little, so bear with them when they say they are not hungry just after several bites.

Get help and include some entertainment

Have someone who can help with serving those who might find it taxing to get up and go get food. For this reason, you can get BBQ catering in Toronto by hiring a BBQ company to do all the work for you while you enjoy your cookout and bond with the seniors. Since the seniors might not be in a good position to engage in physical games, be sure to find some board games to keep them entertained. You can have lots of fun with them as you play a game of poker and some cold lemonade!

Make sure the set-up is accessible

Make sure the set-up is accessible to all. The distance from the sitting area, the serving spot and the BBQ grill should be in close proximity. You should consider that most of the seniors could be ailing and walking a long distance could pose a problem. Remember to an elderly person, what seems to you like a few strides could be torture for them. Some may have arthritis and walking is slow and torturous, others may be confined to wheel chairs, and others may just be too aged to walk long distances.

Having a BBQ for seniors can be quite a stressful affair. You do not want to overdo things, or underdo them, so striking a balance can be quite a tricky thing. Each one may be having different complications and you have to cater for each one. There is the diabetic, the one with arthritis or the one with a denture problem. If possible, do your homework and incorporate them all. Most of all be thoughtful and considerate.

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