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20 Oct

Popular Dishes Served At BBQ Parties

If you are looking forward to hosting a BBQ party for your family and friends, one of the most important considerations that must be brought to mind is the type of food that should be served during the celebration. Your choices range from the usual barbecued ribs and chicken wings to the more complicated lamb chops and kebabs. It will help to know the most popular dishes served at BBQ parties.

The sumptuous steak

A BBQ party will not be a BBQ party unless you choose to serve sumptuous steaks to your guests. There are various steak recipes to choose from and you can even concoct your own specialty in this regard. But before you even include this in your list, you have to be familiar with choosing the right cut of steak to serve for your guests.

Delectable burgers

Burgers have also become very popular in BBQ parties these days. The good thing about serving this dish at BBQ parties is that your choices are limitless. There are very popular classic hamburgers and cheeseburgers to include in your menu. You can also look for a recipe for chicken burgers. What makes this even a good choice is that there are already vegetarian options to serve to your non-meat eating guests.

Ever- appealing hotdogs

Yet another popular choice to serve during BBQ parties is hotdog. This is a good option when kids are attending the party. Kids and even kids at heart will always love hotdogs after all. In order to make sure the hotdogs will be perfectly grilled, you should choose your sausages carefully. Familiarising yourself with the different types of sausages available to serve at BBQ parties will give you the option to grill fresh, smoked or cured versions of hotdogs.

Delightful pork dishes

Pork is very popular for a lot of BBQ party hosts all over the world. When it comes to choosing pork for grilling, options include chops, ribs and pulled pork. There are also a variety of recipes to choose from including a variety of sauces that can be prepared to satisfy your guest's palate.

All-time favourite grilled chicken

Another favourite amongst people of all ages is grilled chicken. Its popularity extends to the fact that it can be included in the menu at any given time of day or at any given occasion. As long as you know how to perfectly cook chicken, making sure it is not over or under, you will produce a juicy and tender grilled chicken that your guests will surely love.

Smoky and juicy kebabs

If you want to serve your guests a combination of meat and veggies during your BBQ party, kebabs will be a great choice. Kebabs, after all, combine the best cuts of pork and vegetables on a stick. Your guest will feel a little less guilty munching on a BBQ since there are vegetables served with the usual grilled meat.

Grilled fish

Feel a little less guilty by serving the healthier substitute to pork and beef, that is, grilled fish. You can grill fish right before your guests come and reserve some pieces that can be grilled during the party. Some fish needs only a few seasoning to make them tastier.

Juicy and tasty sweet corn

Add carbohydrates to your protein by serving sweet corn at a BBQ party. Sweet corn is a classic that anyone can enjoy. Make the dish even tastier by brushing on some butter and salt whilst the corn is on the grill. Serve hot to make it even more enjoyable for everyone.

Serve the most popular dishes during your BBQ party by hiring BBQ catering in Richmond Hill. Let us help you throw an unforgettable BBQ party that's sure to impress!

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