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10 Jun

3 Tasty Buffalo Sauce Recipes You Should Know

You might have contemplated once on how Buffalo wings got their name due to the fact that they are actually chicken. These tiny chicken wings share no resemblance to the meatiness of a wooly buffalo, so why are they called Buffalo wings? It all started with a town located in upstate New York. There was a local joint named Anchor Bar, which accidentally slathered a mixture butter and hot sauce onto some deep-fried chicken wings. They were then served alongside blue cheese dressing and celery sticks. The aforementioned serves as the basis of the chicken wings that we know today. These Buffalo wings are often served in sports bars as spicy and deep-fried complement to cold beer as well as a game of soccer.

If you are planning to hire some barbeque catering to your home sometime soon, it is good to know that Buffalo sauce can be used in conjunction with many recipes. For instance, traditional buffalo sauce that is usually made with even parts of Frank's Red Hot and butter, you can also choose to add thyme and sherry vinegar for the flavour to be well-rounded and subtle. Below are three recipes that can be made with/from Buffalo sauce.

Buffalo sauce

First, let’s start off with instructions on how to make the standard Buffalo sauce. You will need the following ingredients:

  • One to two sprigs of thyme
  • Half a head of garlic that is cut in half
  • Half a bottle of Sriracha
  • Half pound of butter
  • 120g of sherry vinegar

Next, with all the ingredients ready, you can adhere to the following instructions:

  • Put the thyme and garlic into a pan and melt butter over a low heat
  • Next, add sherry vinegar and Sriracha sauce and stir to combine the contents well
  • Simmer the mixture for about ten minutes to ensure you steep the thyme and garlic
  • Strain the contents into a quart container and let them cool

To plate this sauce, simply place sweetbreads that have fried beforehand into a mixing bowl and toss with the sauce. You can use six to eight sweetbreads and garnish them with blue cheese dressing, celery, pickled carrot and celery leaf.

Buffalo sweetbreads

Above, we mentioned serving sweetbreads with Buffalo sauce. If you are unsure what sweetbreads are, here are the instructions on how you can prepare them. Note that this recipe can serve up to ten snack portions.

  • Water
  • One-quarter of Spanish onion
  • A sachet of thyme
  • Half garlic head, cut in half
  • One and a half pounds of sweetbreads

Here’s what you need to do with the ingredients above:

  • Boil salted water in a large pot with onion, garlic and thyme
  • Add in the raw sweetbreads. You will need to turn the heat down and let them simmer for about eight minutes
  • Remove the pot from the stove and allow the sweetbreads to cool down in liquid
  • You can proceed to peel the skin off the sweetbreads after they have cooled down for cleaning
  • Cut the sweetbreads into half-inch pieces and toss in Wondra flour. Proceed to fry until they turn golden

Buffalo pierogies

This recipe is perfect to serve up to four people. To make Buffalo pierogies, you will need the following recipes:

  • Half a teaspoon of chilli powder
  • Half a cup of hot pepper sauce
  • One cup of oil
  • A non-stick cooking spray
  • A box of mini classic cheddar pierogies

Once you have prepared the ingredients above, cook them as follows:

  • Preheat your oven to about 400 degrees Farenheit
  • Toss the pierogies with chilli powder, hot sauce and oil. Spread the pierogies evenly onto a baking sheet that has been coated with non-stick cooking spray
  • Bake the pierogies for at least 16 minutes until they are browned and puffed.
  • For best results, turn them once halfway through the bake time

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