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19 Jun

6 Summer Hot Dog Toppings To Go For

When asked what the usual hot dog toppings are, you might think of relish, mustard as well as ketchup. All three toppings that are mentioned are indeed popular, but there are definitely more choices to choose from today. If you wish to show your friends you are truly worthy of being the hero of the grill, it is your time now to step up your game as we share six tasty topping ideas to help you get started!

Vietnamese style

If you want a hot dog that is perfect for an afternoon of heavy hot dog eating, try topping it with siracha mayo, mint, fresh cilantro and pickled veggies – as you would with a Bánh mì. Bánh mì is a term that describes all kinds of bread in Vietnamese cuisine. You may also wish to add cucumbers, carrots and pickled daikon radishes to add a brighter and fresh flavour to your creation. If you want to spice things up, add slices of fresh jalapeño!


Gaining inspiration from chicken skewers that are wrapped with bacon, you can try adding teriyaki sauce and pineapple. First, wrap your hot dog in bacon as usual then coat it with teriyaki sauce after cooking it. You can now place the glazed and glistening goodness in a bun that is toasted and finally top it with dices of grilled pineapple and chopped red onion. Drizzle on more teriyaki sauce if necessary.


For this, you will need to split the hot dog lengthwise, stuff it with Monterey Jack cheese and finish off by wrapping things up with bacon strips. Now cook it over indirect heat and crisped it over direct heat afterwards. Next, place it in a toasted bun and add slices of some avocado as well as a squeeze of chipotle mayo. This will be one killer hot dog recipe that is meaty, smoky, spicy and cheesy!


If you love ruffled chips and sauces that are tangy and sweet. Try making a sauce out of caramelized onions! For this awesome topping, simply slather on the onion sauce onto your hotdog and add green onions and crushed ruffled chips. If you want alternatives other than green onions, try using chives. Now, your hot dog will have a saltier and crunchier texture!

Monte Cristo

If you ate French toast that's topped with Swiss cheese, turkey and ham before, you would definitely be familiar with the term Monte Cristo. So why not use these flavours on a grilled hot dog? Try giving your hot dog bun the French toast treatment, place the hot dog in it and add a slice each of grilled turkey, ham and not forgetting grated Swiss cheese. Put them back on the grill and allow the cheese to melt. Finish off by drizzling maple syrup.

French Onion

For this topping, you will need a bowl of French onions to start. Given how Gruyère works well as a cheese dip, there are no reasons why that would not work on a hot dog too. When you have a grilled frank in your hands, spread a generous amount of caramelized onions as well as Swiss cheese or Gruyère as mentioned earlier. Next, let the cheese melt over the indirect heat from your grill and finish off by sprinkling on fresh thyme. The creamy cheese and sweet onions is an excellent combo that work wonders without fail.

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