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14 Jul

Earn Points For Organizing The Perfect Corporate BBQ This Summer!

If you have been assigned the task of planning your company summer BBQ, it is a good idea to do all you can to ensure that it is the best one yet! This can be the event that everyone talks about when they are describing the perfect BBQ. Before you start planning the event, you need to realize it is going to be more elaborate than your regular Sunday family barbeques. You are planning an affair for many people and you have to think about the different needs.

BBQ catering

Catering for a large number of people will mean that you have to be careful about the foods and drinks that you select. You have to make sure that there is enough for everyone. The best way to deal with planning a corporate BBQ is by hiring a good professional catering service. Fortunately, there are companies that will set up a BBQ for you at your chosen venue and they provide a professional chef to do the cooking. This helps to ensure that the food is properly prepared and cooked.

Benefit from professional experience

You may be the family expert when it comes to home BBQ, but you need to know that catering for a large group is a different ball game. When you hire a catering service, you benefit from professional experience. The caterers do this for a living, which means that they have what it takes when it comes to expertise and experience. A huge benefit of hiring professionals is that you have people who can take care of all the "messy" tasks and they know what they are doing.

Offer a wide range of foods

When planning the event, you should think about offering a wide range of foods. This is another good reason while you will benefit from hiring caterers. You have people who have expertise in preparing different foods. You do not have to stick to regular fare like burgers, sausages and chicken. You can consider adding different cuts of meat to make the BBQ more interesting. The use of exotic marinades and plenty of delicious side dishes will make the event a real hit.

Consider getting a hog roast

You can make things even more different and interesting by getting a whole hog roast. The sight of the hog roasting over the pit is enough to entice anyone. Cooking a whole hog may be challenging for most people, but that is why you are hiring caterers. Talk to the caterer about your plans and remember that you have to think about the size of the hog in relation to your group. It may also be necessary to have other options for those who do not eat pork. BBQ catering offers options that are suitable for those who are vegetarians. This means that no one will have to feel left out. 

Having a bar service

You will need to think about having a bar service to complement the food. Drinks are the perfect accompaniment for your BBQ dishes. Think about the drinks that you want to offer but remember that if you are on a budget you do not have to serve alcohol for the afternoon function. Providing soft drinks and bottles of water can be adequate but if you have the budget for it, some beers and wine can help people to embrace the spirit of summer! 

Make sure that you use the right venue for your event. Find out how many people will be attending and ensure that you provide plenty of seating. Get plenty of chairs and tables as well as a few parasols to provide shade from the hot sun. If need be, you can even hire extra patio furniture for the event and do not forget to provide some entertainment.

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