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13 Jun

How To Grill Corn To Perfection

Corn happens to be a favorite food of many people yet they are not aware of some basic tips to grill it with perfection. Grilling corn does not require much effort. There are just a few things you need to keep in mind and you will be surprised to see the outcome. Generally, there are two different methods of grilling corn, each with its own pros and cons. Both methods are described below. Read carefully and see if the guys handling your BBQ catering in Toronto truly know their stuff when it comes to grilling corn.

In the husk

Grilling corn in husk is fairly easy. For some extra flavor, people usually peel back the husk, remove the silk and then add some butter on it before they fold back the husk. By doing so, your corn will look magical after grilled. However, if you evaluate this method in terms of flavor enhancement or cooking qualities, it does not offer more than rolling the cob in butter after cooking.

  • How to do

Simply place your corn in the husk on top of hot coals and let it cook for some time. Keep turning it occasionally till the time it is properly steamed. To check, you can peak and rewrap the corn. Generally it takes almost fifteen minutes for corn to get grilled. There are some people who grill the corns in the husk by placing a rack above the coals. Make sure that the outer part of the corn is completely black and the interior is moist and well steamed.

  • Pros and cons

The biggest advantage of this method is that it is super easy. People who possess no cooking skills can grill corn in this way and seek appreciation from the others. The flavorful corn with light grassy notes from the husk is something that people love the most.

Some people do not like this idea much because they feel that eating corn this way makes things messy as the blackened husk gets on the hands. Furthermore, it needs special skills to gauge timings to see whether the corn is properly cooked from inside or not.

Wrapping corn in foil

The process is very similar to the method described above. However, the outcome is slightly different. Here is how you can do it:

  • How to do it

Shuck your corn and simply discard husk and silk. Take a heavy duty aluminum foil and wrap your corn in it. It is up to you whether you want to add a flavored butter or any oil inside. Grill it directly on hot coals for almost fifteen minutes or till the time it is properly cooked. You can also grill on top of a grate set located right over the coals.

  • Pros and cons

The corns grilled by this means are quite easy to serve. You just need to pull off the grilled corn, let it cool for some time and serve. Since it would be wrapped in coil, the corn will remain hot for a long time. This feature makes it an ideal method to opt when organizing large gatherings or some buffet style service. To add an extra flavor, it is better if you apply butter after it has been cooked and is ready to serve. The only disadvantage is that it is heavy on preparation because it requires shucking, cleaning and then rewrapping which becomes a bit problematic at large gatherings.

There are some people who feel that one should grill naked corns because its taste is supreme and heavenly. Furthermore, you can also keep an eye on your corn as you grill. If you are fond of smoky, charred and grilled flavor then this method is meant for you.

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