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16 Jul

Simple Tips To Keep Your Summer BBQ Healthy

Most people will readily agree that food simply tastes better straight off the grill! Whether it is steak, burgers, chicken, pork or vegetables, grilling is simply the best. Summer is a time when barbecues are all the rage. Even those who do not normally have regular BBQs will admit that during summer, there is no better way to cook. There are plenty of BBQ parties around and most people will attend a few before the summer is over.

Whether you are watching your weight or you simply like to eat healthy, the good news is that grilled food can be a healthy option. If you choose your meals wisely and you watch your portion sizes, you will not have to worry about piling on the pounds over the summer. While you are at it, you can enjoy tasty veggie skewers to complement your meal. It is true that there are health issues associated with BBQ food. Fortunately, there are tips to ensure that you enjoy a safe and healthy barbecue.

Stock up on marinades

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It is helpful to know that marinades act as a barrier against harmful grilling effects. The marinades are often made with juices and spices. Studies have shown that marinating poultry, meat and fish before grilling can reduce the formation of some cancer forming compounds that occur when meat is cooked at high temperatures. There are different marinades available and it is important to find out those that are the most effective. Anything that will coat the meat to keep it from burning will keep away carcinogens.

Reduce BBQ flare-ups

BBQ flare-ups can expose your food and the air around to carcinogens. The first step should be cutting down on the fat. A good way to reduce the fat is by choosing leaner cuts of meat. When you get your meat home, trim off all the visible fat. Avoid pouring extra marinade over the meat as you cook as it can lead to a spillover, causing a flare-up. If the flames reach the meat causing charred potions, you can trim and discard them before eating.

Measuring the temperatures

You should not be tempted to think that grilling your food over an open flame means that your dinner has to be ready within minutes. While it is true that grilling is a quick cooking method, you should be careful about undercooking. You should not assume that your steak is ready simply because the grill marks look just right. Make sure that you take the temperature and remember that the color of the meat is not a good indication of its readiness. Allow the meat to rest for a few minutes before cutting to allow the temperature to destroy any remaining bacteria.

Avoid cross contamination

Be careful when using the grilling utensils to avoid cross contamination. By using separate utensils for different foods, you can ensure that the juices from the raw meats do not make contact with the salad or ready-to-eat foods. After placing the uncooked meat on your grill, use different utensils or wash the utensils carefully with hot water before you use them to remove your cooked meat from the fire. 

Cleaning the grill before and after use is very important to create a safe food environment. You need to scrape down the grates to remove buildup of any harmful residue. Invest in a good wire grill brush and some tongs to keep your appliance clean. If you are planning a party, consider getting catering services. Leaving the job to professionals will help to ensure that you get the best results. BBQ catering in GTA will come in handy when you want to impress your guests. By choosing the right caterers, you can make sure that your summer event provides the best experience.

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