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18 Jul

Summer Party - How To Plan A Kid-Friendly BBQ

Planning a party that is suitable for the entire family can be fun especially if the kids are old enough to enjoy it. Whether you have a theme or you simply want the kids to have as much fun as the adults, you need to know that planning the right food is very important. When you are planning a summer party for families, you have to think about activities and food that everyone will enjoy. Everyone loves a good BBQ and that includes kids of all ages.

barbecue catering

The first thing you need to think about is the venue and whether you want the party at home or a different location. If you have the space, a BBQ in your backyard can be just perfect and with barbecue catering you do not have to worry about doing the actual cooking. It helps to know that caterers can come to your home to cook the food and you can plan the perfect event for the summer weather. The following tips will come in handy when planning the perfect kid-friendly barbecue.

Think about the best time

It is important to remember that the days are getting hotter. It is important to keep the time of day in mind when planning the BBQ. It is a good idea to avoid the hottest hours of the day- usually between 4 and 6 pm. Most people do not want to be outdoors when it gets too hot. Plan your party early enough to allow your guests to enjoy being outdoors when the weather is great. Consider having someone to supervise the little kids so that they can be indoors and avoid being out in the heat for too long.

Plan some fun activities

Make sure that you plan activities that will keep the kids occupied and having fun. The truth is that the adults want to have some fun as well and they will be grateful for anything that will keep the kids occupied. If you have a swimming pool, you will not have to try too hard to ensure that the kids have fun. Think about different activities that the various age groups will enjoy. For some of the younger kids, something as simple as glow sticks can do the trick.

Ensure safety always

A barbeque can be a dangerous place for unsupervised kids. Make sure that you have sections that are out of bounds for the kids and do not allow them to play close to the cooking area. A flaming hot grill can cause the party to come to an abrupt end! Make sure that you have someone watching the kids as you entertain your guests. When you use caterers, they have the experience to work the grills efficiently to avoid accidents. Talk to the professionals about the safest place to set up the cooking station.

Selecting the best menu

When choosing the menu, make sure that you include kid-friendly foods. In many cases, a smaller version of the adult foods will work great for the kids. You will, however, need to be careful about spices and anything that the kids cannot handle. Include plenty of desserts and remember that cutting fruits and veggies in interesting shapes will attract the kids' attention. Talk to the caterer about a menu that will suit different tastes and needs.

The best part about hiring caterers is that you do not have to worry about cooking while you are trying to entertain. You can leave the cooking task to people who have the expertise and the best part is that the results are much better. Your summer party can be fun for people of all ages as long as you take the time to plan the important details. If you want to avoid the hustle of cleaning up, consider using paper plates and think of the best ways to make the cleanup easy to handle.

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