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20 Aug

Tips To Help You Ensure An Enjoyable And Safe Barbecue During Summer

During summer, most people love spending their time outdoors, whether going on outings or going camping, to enjoy the friendly weather. A barbecue during summer is one of the most common activities too, whereby people put on the fire for a BBQ at night in their backyards or at their campsites. Nevertheless, only a few usually put much thought on their safety during barbeques because they seldom expect the adverse might happen. However, any types of barbeques do require safety precautions. To guarantee your safety, and that of your family, your friends during your summer BBQ sessions, consider these tips seriously:

Barbecue tips

Where there is a barbecue, there is grilled food. It is a thrilling feeling when you use the grills to cook up a storm rather than the usual indoor cooking. Remember that barbequing food requires a well-ventilated area. For safety reasons, grills should be positioned away from your home or the campsite itself, deck railings and anything that is low hanging, for example a tree, or a branch.

It is also very important to never leave a grill unattended, more so where there are children or pets. Next, always remember to keep the grill clean by removing the grease, and the fat buildup during a long BBQ. On top of that, you can replace the trays that sit under the grill, collect the food waste, oil and any other debris remaining on the grill.

Propane tips

Propane is an organic compound rich in hydrocarbon. Hydrocarbon consists of carbon and hydrogen atoms (highly flammable). Propane can also exist in liquid form. Naturally. Propane is odorless but it is usually added an addictive to give it a distinct odor that people can identify when the gas is around. When stored under pressure, propane is a liquid and it is worth knowing that liquid propane is too cold to cause freeze burns when it comes into contact with your skin. Also, when propane tank is opened, it hooks up to the gas grill where the propane gas leaves the tank to power the grill.

In summary, how you store propane is a key determinant to your safety during the BBQ. You should always ensure that a propane tank is stored and transported while upright. The propane tank too should be stored in a temperature controlled environment. The failure of this maybe by storing the tank in high temperature areas will lead to the pressure-release valve opening, releasing the gas which in most cases, result to fire accidents.

Always ensure that the pressure-release valve is closed when transporting propane and that there is no plug or cap over the valve outlet. The tanks should always be secured, even when empty. You can use a safety strap or another kind of a container to ensure that the tank does not tip over.

Finally, you must know that you should never transport over four propane tanks at the same time in an enclosed vehicle. The bed of a truck is more preferable as it is more secure when other containers are added to prevent the tanks from escaping.

Fire pit tips

One of the most enjoyable moments during summer barbecue outings, is gathering around the fire, roasting, listening to the crackle sound of wood, or just having a drink while watching the fire blaze. Nevertheless, fire pit also requires safety precautions while using them.

First, always ensure that a fire pit is ten feet away from any combustible surface or structure. Unless otherwise stated in your user manual, you should not put a fire pit on the grass, a wood deck, or even in an enclosed porch or deck. In the case of other key instructions in the manual, make sure that you follow them keenly.

When lighting the fire, always use dry, seasoned wood cut at least six months earlier. To prevent sparks, ensure to keep the logs not longer than three-quarters of the pits diameter. On the same point of lighting the fire, never use gasoline, lighter fluid or even kerosene because these are not meant to be used for the fire pits. Instead, use a fire starter or a newspaper! This will prevent any accident caused by the fluids.

Be careful not to light a fire when it is windy. You may get burned or the objects around. If the area is near trees or bushes, remove any combustible material or any leaves around the pit before starting the fire. Always ensure you have a bucket of sand, a fire extinguisher or a garden hose, just in case of inevitable happening.

So, are you now ready to go and enjoy a safe summer barbecue outing? If you want to enjoy a safe BBQ party during the summer and do not want the troubles with the food for barbequing, get in touch with us today. We provide affordable BBQ catering in Markham and what's more, we use real charcoal and not propane. This ensures that you get the real BBQ flavor besides making it safe for your BBQ event!

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