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08 Jun

Top Tips to Get the Most Flavour Out Of Summer Corn

The start of summer has just begun and it also means that corn season is here as well. Farmers will be busy stocking up fresh corn in the markets and happy diners can look forward to having corn along with their hamburgers and hot dogs on their plates.

Did you know that boiling a sweet corn get its flavour drained out? Many of us often do not realise our cooking methods for corn ends up taking out the flavour of it.  Thus, today this article is going to help show you how to prepare it the right way to get the most flavour of the corn and how to enjoy it as well.

Pick the freshest corn

Firstly, even before cooking the corn you would need to choose the corn. There are various ways as to how to go about picking the best sweet corn. This article here will show you how to choose the perfect corn that will be great for your meal.

•    Take note of any holes in the husk: If there are any holes, most of it will be at the top and it will be brown in colour. It’s best to avoid it because these are made from worms, therefore, wormholes.

•    Feel the kernels: The kernels need to be plump and abundant and there shouldn’t be any holes as well if it is fresh

•    Bright green is the best:  You would know if the corn is fresh if the husk is bright green and it is wrapped around the cob tightly. Sometimes, it might be even be a little damp.

•    Say no to black: Tassels that are brown and sticky are often fresh corn. If the tassels are black and dry, it means the corn is old.

Grill the corn

Now that you’ve chosen your corn, it’s time to grill it! Many of us do not realise that grilling corn helps to deepen the flavour as well as making the kernels more caramelised. However, there are many kinds of corn out there and it is best to be wary when using corns which are super-sweet. This is because the sugars will concentrate and it will caramelise instantly. A way to counter this problem is to use a direct flame on your grill. If you want to cook the corn a bit longer but if it is caramelised already you have to move the ears off the direct flame.

Husks or no husks

Corns with the husks or with the husks removed tastes great when it is grilled the right ways. Here are two ways which you can grills your corn whether they have the husks removed or not.

•    Corn without husks: You need to make sure you keep watch of the kernels when it turns brown. In order for it to be totally caramelized, you will have to keep flipping the corn.

•    Corns with husks:  This is often the preferred method of chef and farmer Ian Knauer from the PBS series The Farm. He recommends that in order to get a rich flavour from the corn, one should remove the silk and leave the husks to cook on the grill.

Getting the right barbeque caterer

You’ve got the perfect corn and also the knowledge as to how to grill it correctly but what’s still missing is getting a good barbeque caterer. A barbeque caterer will know exactly how to perfect your corn so that it will taste superb.

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