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14 Jul

Earn Points For Organizing The Perfect Corporate BBQ This Summer!

If you have been assigned the task of planning your company summer BBQ, it is a good idea to do all you can to ensure that it is the best one yet! This can be the event that everyone talks about when they are describing the perfect BBQ. Before you start planning the event, you need to realize it is going to be more elaborate than your regular Sunday family barbeques. You are planning an affair for many people and you have to think about the different needs.

Catering for a large number of people will mean that you have to be careful about the foods and drinks that you select. You have to make sure that there is enough for everyone. The best way to deal with planning a corporate BBQ is by hiring a good professional catering service. Fortunately, there are companies that will set up a BBQ for you at your chosen venue and they provide a professional chef to do the cooking. This helps to ensure that the food is properly prepared and cooked.

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19 Jun

6 Summer Hot Dog Toppings To Go For

When asked what the usual hot dog toppings are, you might think of relish, mustard as well as ketchup. All three toppings that are mentioned are indeed popular, but there are definitely more choices to choose from today. If you wish to show your friends you are truly worthy of being the hero of the grill, it is your time now to step up your game as we share six tasty topping ideas to help you get started!

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16 Jun

Go For A Hot N' Healthy Barbeque This Summer!

As summer is approaching, you might be planning to arrange some family get-togethers at your home. The summer season offers an ideal opportunity to sit and enjoy some time outside in the fresh air which is not possible otherwise. Therefore, it is quite common to see people seeking barbeque catering services when the weather is pleasant and slightly sunny.

While some people are experts in grilling foods, there is a group who feels that seeking professional service is better because it lets the homeowner ample to spend with the guests. It must be remembered that barbeque does not always mean high fat sausages, and high-calorie burgers. Barbeque offers a great opportunity for eating food that is not only healthy but tastes amazing as well. You can go for vegetables, fish, chicken and even fruits cooked on the barbeque. Here are some quick and easy ideas which you can consider if you are looking for a healthy barbeque party at home.

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13 Jun

How To Grill Corn To Perfection

Corn happens to be a favorite food of many people yet they are not aware of some basic tips to grill it with perfection. Grilling corn does not require much effort. There are just a few things you need to keep in mind and you will be surprised to see the outcome. Generally, there are two different methods of grilling corn, each with its own pros and cons. Both methods are described below. Read carefully and see if the guys handling your BBQ catering in Toronto truly know their stuff when it comes to grilling corn.

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10 Jun

3 Tasty Buffalo Sauce Recipes You Should Know

You might have contemplated once on how Buffalo wings got their name due to the fact that they are actually chicken. These tiny chicken wings share no resemblance to the meatiness of a wooly buffalo, so why are they called Buffalo wings? It all started with a town located in upstate New York. There was a local joint named Anchor Bar, which accidentally slathered a mixture butter and hot sauce onto some deep-fried chicken wings. They were then served alongside blue cheese dressing and celery sticks. The aforementioned serves as the basis of the chicken wings that we know today. These Buffalo wings are often served in sports bars as spicy and deep-fried complement to cold beer as well as a game of soccer.

If you are planning to hire some barbeque catering to your home sometime soon, it is good to know that Buffalo sauce can be used in conjunction with many recipes. For instance, traditional buffalo sauce that is usually made with even parts of Frank's Red Hot and butter, you can also choose to add thyme and sherry vinegar for the flavour to be well-rounded and subtle. Below are three recipes that can be made with/from Buffalo sauce.

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08 Jun

Top Tips to Get the Most Flavour Out Of Summer Corn

The start of summer has just begun and it also means that corn season is here as well. Farmers will be busy stocking up fresh corn in the markets and happy diners can look forward to having corn along with their hamburgers and hot dogs on their plates.

Did you know that boiling a sweet corn get its flavour drained out? Many of us often do not realise our cooking methods for corn ends up taking out the flavour of it.  Thus, today this article is going to help show you how to prepare it the right way to get the most flavour of the corn and how to enjoy it as well.

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20 May

Pork Shoulder: One Of The Easiest Cuts Of Meat To Grill

One of the most beloved cuts of meat for most people who love grilling is the pork shoulder. It’s very easy to find, and also happens to be very easy to cook as well. If you are just trying out grilling for the first time in your life, starting out with this type of meat is one of the best decisions you can make since you will rarely go wrong. It is much easier to cook a pork shoulder compared to a steak or even ribs. Of course, there are a few other factors that will influence how tasty the outcome will be, including the type of meat you end up buying.

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18 May

A Quick Guide To Using Vertical Propane Smokers To Grill Meat

Smoking beef when you are cooking it is a great way to enhance all the flavors it has. However, the main problem associated with this process is that at times, it can be very exhausting. For one, you may find yourself having to spend long hours trying to make sure that the smoking is done just right. Whether you have just starting the practice of smoking meat or have been doing it for a very long time, having to spend ages trying to get it done might not be your cup of tea.

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15 May

An Introduction To Seasoning Meat Through Injection

If you are a fan of grilling food or barbecue catering, one of the tricky bits of grilling you might have come across might involve ensuring that your spices penetrate the deeper layers of the meat. Once you make the spices, for instance, you could simply spread them across the surface of the meat. However, this is not always ideal, since it usually means that most of it will just stay on the surface of the meat and not penetrate to deeper layers.

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13 May

What Is Grass Fed Beef And Why It's Ideal For Grilling

If you love grilling beef, one of the concepts you may come across at some point in time is grass fed beef. This type of beef is usually more expensive than other types, but is worth trying out. However, before you can be convinced to buy this type of beef, it would be a good idea to understand exactly what it is, and the benefits that you are likely to reap from using it as opposed to other types of beef. In most culinary settings, there is an increasing reverence for this type of beef, despite the fact that most people don’t really understand what the hype is all about.

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